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We are glad you are visiting this web site and hope you find the information you seek. (If you don't find the information you need, you are welcome to contact the minister <karen.molake@gmail.org> or leave a phone message at 914-222-3114)

Please visit on a Sunday morning, drop in on one of our "Spirit Summer" events, or check in through Facebook. Come explore whether the community of 4th Unitarian might become part of what you seek in your life.

You are truly well come.

Fourth Unitarian Society of Westchester
1698 Strawberry Road
PO Box 17
Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

Phone: 914-222-3114 (leave a message)

Come, Come Whoever You Are

Welcome to the Fourth Unitarian Society of Westchester in Mohegan Lake, a liberal religious community where members and friends gather to support each other in our spiritual journeys and to give service to the wider world of which we are a part.

Our Mission:
We are a caring and inclusive spiritual community of children, youth, and adults who honor differences and support open-minded spiritual exploration and ethical development.

We celebrate life, nurture each other, and provide support in loving and open-hearted acceptance.

We commit ourselves to social justice through action in our local community and the larger world.

Our Services

Please join us on Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM for our worship services, Religious Education program for ages pre-K through 8th grade, and nursery care.
*See News/Events (top of web page) or our Facebook page (left side of web page) for more up to date information.

The Fourth Unitarian Society is a member of the national Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (www.uua.org).

We are unique in many ways, one of which is that our members and friends offer at least half the worship services every year.

The Worship Theme for 2014-2015 is "Feed our souls"

The Worship Team says about lay led worship:

Mark: The act of sitting in a seat at services is not passive. You are there to have your soul fed and to support and feed the soul of the person brave enough to share their passion.

Susan: We are here to bear witness together to the universe. We respect the dignity of each person who brings what he/she values forward to the community and in community we grow together.

Josh: Lay led services are a gift from the presenter to the congregation.
Sharing of their passion is a window into their soul.

Beth: I bring myself to Worship to be grounded in a community willing to
accept varied paths to growing our Humanity. Then to take what I learn
to the work of giving soulful commitment to making a difference in the
struggle to create Society based in human rights and dignity.

Summer of Spirit at 4th has been great!

We have Connected. Explored. Had fun.
We are ready soon to come together in regular worship and celebration. Check News/Events or Facebook for the latest plan! www.facebook.com/pages/Fourth-Unitarian-Society-of-Westchester/102057326525015 or see events for up to date information.

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Our minister, Rev. Karen Brammer is available to answer your questions and hear your feedback. Email <karen.molake@gmail.com>

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